Dining table Tree 90x220cm, different finishes

Dining table Tree 90x220cm, different finishes

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Designer: Elisabeth Hertzfeld

The metal legs of the Tree dining table double like tree branches, creating a modern graphic form. Each leg consists of two steel tubes, which are parallel to each other below but branch above, supporting the table top at different points. This creates a tree-like shape inspired by the apparent ease of striving for the height of the tree. Like a trunk and branches, the legs hold the table top firmly in place, symbolizing the round crown of the tree. 

The colors of the table, beige and black, are available for both the plate and the legs, which allows you to further emphasize the unity of the object. The material of the table top is the innovative Felix laminate, which is, among other things, extremely matt and opaque, with a solid and pleasantly smooth surface finish of fingerprints and markings.

This product is a variant of the Tree dining table series with a medium, 120 cm diameter round table top. Also check out the series' smaller, 900cm diameter and rectangular 90x220cm oval table.


Table designer, French-American origin Elisabeth Hertzfeld is fascinated by different materials and their changes. In his work, he tries to find a balance between the effort devoted to the material and its effect. In order to create pleasure from the product, he imagines the behavior and lifestyle revolving around it in the design process.


DIMENSIONS: 90x220cm, height 74cm

MATERIAL: powder coated steel, Felix laminate


2-4 weeks 

This is a custom-made product.

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