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Picture frame Frame A5, black -70%

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The seemingly simple picture frame Frame offers endless possibilities for presenting works of art, herbarium leaves and dried flowers. Thanks to the clever design, in which the frame consisting of four loose strips is held together by a stretchable rubber, the frame can be stylishly supported against the wall as well as hung with both the frame and the rubber cord. Addition either vertically or horizontally.

The frame is available in natural shades of oak and aluminum in colorless black, white, pale pink, deep red, kerosene blue and light gray. 

Thanks to the versatile use, stylish color selection and four sizes, an eye-catching display on both the wall and the chest of drawers can be combined by combining different variants. A special effect is that the acrylic glass, which is transparent on both sides, leaves a beautiful floating impression on the work of art.  


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How does the frame fit together?

The frame consists of two acrylic glass plates, four frame strips and a rubber band. After placing the work between the two acrylic glasses, place three strips on the frame and pull the rubber band around them. Finally, slide the last missing strip under the rubber band, which makes the frame complete.

In this form, the frame is suitable for supporting against a wall as well as for hanging it on the wall with a nail attached to the frame.

How to hang a frame on the wall with rubber?

The rubber strap holding the frame together can be stretched up to hang, as a result of which the frame appears to be hung on the nail by means of the strap.

To do this, lift the upper strip, grasp the rubber band and pull lightly. While holding back the strip, continue to hold the rubber band and place the resulting loop on the nail.


How to adjust the length of the rubber?

If you want to adjust the adjacent hanging frames to the same height, you can adjust the length of the rubber cord with a simple trick.

1. The cord shorter to make (or raise) the frame, grasp it, and drag it to the left and then down.

As a result, the cord shortens.

2. The cord longer To do this (or lower the frame), do the opposite - grasp it and pull it slightly to the left, then up and to the right.

As a result, the cord lengthens.


DIMENSIONS: A5 23x17x1.2cm, framing area 21x14,8cm


MATERIAL: aluminum

DELIVERY TIME: 1-3 days 

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