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Flowerpot Globe XL Ø43cm, black

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The eye-catching Globe flower pots are inspired by AYTM's hugely popular series of vases of the same name. Like vases, flower pots are available in a trendy color scheme and are a stylish interior element both individually and in combination.

Thanks to the pot on the loose base, the opening can be effectively turned to the side and various plants can be presented in an exciting way. Use pots of different sizes to create a versatile oasis and plant plants that grow both in height and fall effectively from the pot.

Stainless steel pots are weatherproof and are therefore a beautiful accessory both indoors and for the garden or terrace. The stylish matte finish against a shiny gold base instantly changes the look of your home.


This product is an XL variant. See also sizes XS, S, M, L and XXL in different shades.

DIMENSIONS: Ø43cm, height 37.4 cm

MATERIAL: powder coated metal, lacquered stainless steel

DELIVERY TIME: 2-3 weeks

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