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Ceiling lamp Ceramic Pendant, small 11x22cm, white (2pcs)

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Ceramic Pendant is a luminaire with a minimalist design that can be directed both directly and from an angle, playing with both light and character.

Although the base of the shade is round, its top is angular and open, which gives the cord freedom to move - so the shade can be tilted left, right or completely turned, changing the look of the lamp as desired and needed. The luminaire is suitable for use alone, for example, next to a bed or sofa, lined up above a kitchen island, as a cluster in the living room, as well as as an effect lighting installation in a public space.

The porcelain lampshade is left unglazed for a raw look. The material is fired at temperatures above 1100 ° C, achieving both a matte and textured finish. The lampshade is made by hand, so the shape, size and light transparency of each luminaire varies, making each product unique.

In addition, get closer to the wider version of the series and the sculptural table lamp.

Ceiling set not included. It's included

light beige textile cord that can be easily exchanged for a second shade if necessary.


E27, recommended standard Ø45 or Ø60 LED, max 15W

DIMENSIONS: width 11.2cm, height 22cm, cable length 3m

MATERIAL: white porcelain

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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