Ceiling lamp Blush, 9x22cm, white -70% (In stock x2)

Ceiling lamp Blush, 9x22cm, white -70% (In stock x2)

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The Blush luminaire series is the creation of the Norwegian design duo Morten & Jonas. An attractive but unpretentious luminaire makes the whole room shine with its great character. The Blush luminaire with a minimalist design is available in three shades - neutral black and white, which blend seamlessly into the interior and eye-catching rust red.

The luminaire with simple details blends in gently with the surroundings, remaining unnoticed until the light comes on. Use a single luminaire in a smaller area, create a stylish cluster or line up several, for example, above a dining table or kitchen island in a straight line.

In addition to the ceiling light, the Blush series also includes a wall light, the character of which shines at the touch of a button.

The LED light source is included and replaceable.


DIMENSIONS: height 22cm, width 9cm



x2: 1-3 days

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