Wall cabinet Hifive 200cm, different wood finishes

Wall cabinet Hifive 200cm, different wood finishes

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The Hifive collection is the creation of Norwegian designer Rudi Wulff since 2018. The smart storage system consists of retractable modules: an open cabinet, a cabinet with a sliding door, a metal frame and a wooden cover plate that connects all modules into a single unit. The result is a stylish and functional chest of drawers that is available in a variety of sizes and endless functions.

The different combinations of Hifive allow it to blend in with the changing environment and the needs of the user. The choice of colors is also versatile - natural, smoked and black oak. The possibilities with Hifive modules are truly endless.

The Hifive chest of drawers is a spacious piece of furniture that provides storage for equipment, books, documents and personal items. Its various modules have been designed with pact storage in mind. The product is a great piece of furniture for the bedroom and office or living room as a stylish base for watching TV.

This product is a wall-mounted chest of drawers with a width of 200 cm, which consists of six modules - four open cabinets and two cabinets with doors. See also the chest of drawers with legs and see other sizes in widths of 75, 100 and 150 cm.

DIMENSIONS: width 200cm, depth 42cm, height 38cm 

MATERIAL: oak plywood, MDF, legs - metal

DELIVERY TIME: estimated 8-10 weeks (made to order)

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