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Coffee table Palette JH7, 115x68x47cm, black

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Palette coffee table designer Jaime Hayon, of Spanish origin, explains: 'people exchange ideas and emotions around the tables; why not make this multifunctional object an equally versatile design that combines different shapes, materials, colors and altitudes. '

In the case of a table, the different shapes seem to float in the air, they are held together by a metal frame, which creates a sculptural result.

The Palette series includes several products that, at first glance, seem like a lesson in geometry. Oval, hexagonal and round shapes at different heights create combinations that create different uses for its user. Marble adds luxury to the table, oak adds rusticity, and metal skilfully connects them together.

The range of pallet boards includes different variants marked JH8, JH7 and JH6; in addition desk / console JH9.


DIMENSIONS: height 47 cm, depth 115,2 cm, width 67,8 cm

MATERIAL: brass, black Nero Marqina marble, black tinted island wood

DELIVERY TIME: 2-3 weeks 

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