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Bar O&O, small 117x41x41.5cm

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Designer: Christine Rathmann

"When two become one ... and vice versa." - the designer's vision on which the nature and name of the bar design is based. O&O is inspired by two O-rings that belong together and can be put together in different positions. Two bars of different heights and widths rise from the ground in a minimalist but solid construction - beautiful both in combination and individually. 

Thanks to its flexible use, O&O is ideal for today's lifestyle. Place it in the hallway, wardrobe or bedroom or move it around as needed and place it in different positions.

This product is a smaller version of the O&O duo.


DIMENSIONS: height 117cm, width 41cm, depth 41,5cm

MATERIAL: powder coated metal

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-4 weeks

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