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Bar stool In Between SK7, seat height 65cm, different finishes

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Designer: Sami Kallio 

The In Between series combines classic woodworking techniques with modern technology, creating a middle ground between the past and the present. This simple beauty chair easily fits into any style of interior, and the choice of finishes provides opportunities to play in the room with tones and materials. Using a combination of solid wood and plywood results in tfiery and stable piece of furniture, which is at the same time surprisingly light.

This product is a lower bar stool, which is an ideal option for a kitchen island with a kitchen level. See also higher bar stool, seat height 75 cm. The chair can be ordered in three different wood finishes, and for a particularly comfortable seat, see also the bar stools with upholstered seat. MaterialYou can get acquainted with the samples in our representative store, where we will be happy to help you make a choice. 

The In Between series includes a selection of dining and bar stools and dining tables that are ideal for combining. 

DIMENSIONS: height 92cm, width 58cm, depth 54cm, armrest height 88cm, seat height 65cm

MATERIAL: solid oak, plywood

DELIVERY TIME: predicted 2-3 weeks

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