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TV stand/Cabinet Array 150x37cm on legs, white tinted oak

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Designer: Says Who

The Array chest of drawers series is inspired by the wood paneling trend in modern architecture. Wedge doors create the illusion of transparency and create a visual effect of play of light and shadow. The slightly translucent door arouses the viewer's curiosity about what is hidden behind the door. The exquisite metal construction lifts the air in the cabinet and creates an elegant contrast with the strong cabinet.

The 150 cm wide low cabinet is an ideal base for a TV set, which, in addition to a comfortable height, offers storage for equipment and other storage. At the same time, the closet is also a beautiful choice in the bedroom or hallway - place a stylish table lamp and large picture frames on it, for example, and the result is an elegant solution and a cozy atmosphere. 

Also check out the wall-mounted version of the chest of drawers, which allows you to place the product at a suitable height.

The three color options in the Array series also include chests of different widths and a higher cabinet, which are ideal for combining with each other.


DIMENSIONS: width 150cm, depth 37cm, height 53cm

MATERIAL: white pigmented oak plywood, powder coated metal

DELIVERY TIME: predicted in 2-4 weeks

* This is a custom product.

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