Esto Instalments

ESTO installment - do not want to pay the full amount at once? Pay in installments!

Use when paying for products or services just ESTO installment payment - the cheapest, most convenient and fastest installment link in Estonia!

Add products to the cart, confirm your order and select the ESTO installment link from the payment methods. After confirming the payment method, we will send you an Esto installment payment link by e-mail, where you can select a suitable period, the size of the monthly installment and digitally sign it conveniently. ID card, Smart-ID or Mobile-ID by.

Upon receipt of the confirmation of signing the Esto installment payment, we will immediately send out the existing warehouse products. For custom-made or ordered products, customer support will notify you of the estimated delivery time. 


ESTO installment payment is a fast and convenient payment solution that helps you to create a payment schedule based on the period you have chosen, ie to pay in installments. This payment solution makes a credit decision in real time and helps you make a purchase in less than 60 seconds.

ATTENTION! Each installment is a financial liability. Before concluding a hire purchase agreement, read the terms and conditions of the respective service and, if necessary, consult an expert.

ESTO 's installment provider is ESTO AS (reg. code 14180709).

The standard ESTO installment terms are as follows:

  • Fixed interest 11.90%
  • Contract fee fixed at 0 euros
  • Period up to 4 years

All citizens of the Republic of Estonia aged 18-70 can apply for an ESTO installment. ESTO installments can also be processed quickly and conveniently for legal entities.

Every financial decision involves risks and obligations, so we ask you to think carefully about the need to consume loan products. For example, for a loan amount of 1500 euros with a fixed interest rate of 12% per annum for 14.90 months and a contract fee of 14.90 euros, the credit cost rate is 34.74%, the monthly payment is 146.37 euros and the total amount repayable by the consumer is 1756.68 euros. The installment is a financial obligation and before making a decision, thoroughly read the terms and conditions of the contract and, if necessary, consult an employee of ESTO AS or another expert.


ESTO instalments - do not wish to pay for the whole amount at once? Pay by instalments!

Purchase your product and pay over time with ESTO installments - the most low-cost and user-friendly instalment loan in Estonia! ESTO instalments offers easy financing - without a catch. There are no gimmicks like deferred interest or hidden fees, so the total you see at the Esto instalments application link is always what you'll actually pay.

Using ESTO installments at checkout is simple, convenient and fast. Add your products to cart, select Esto Installments for your payment method and complete the checkout process. Upon receiving your provisional order we will email a link where you can choose the loan period and monthly payments and complete the purchase with digital signing (Mobile-ID, Smart-ID or ID-card signature). 

The real-time decision completes your purchase within 60 seconds.


When making a purchase using ESTO instalments we will ship stock items immediately upon receipt of a successful application. Regarding custom made / non-stock items you will receive confirmation of expected delivery time from our team.

Esto Installment applicants must be between 18-70 years old and have Estonian citizenship.


ESTO installments conditions:

  • Fixed interest rate from 11.90%
  • Fixed contract fee 0 EUR
  • Period up to 4 years

Instalment loan is provided by ESTO AS. Review the terms and conditions at and consult with our expert. The instalment loan is a financial obligation. Please assess your financial position and think about whether you really need the loan before you submit the application, so you can be sure that you are able to repay the loan in a timely manner. For example, if the monthly payment is € 146.37 and the annual rate of charge is 34.74% on the following sample terms and conditions: loan amount 1500 €, annual interest rate of 14.90% on the outstanding balance (fixed), contract fee 14.90 € and repayment period of 12 months.


Installment plan THIS - не хотите платить полную сумму сразу? Pay in parts!


We are looking for a car and a flatbed with by installments THIS - самая доступная, удобная и быстрая рассрочка в Эстонии!

Рассрочка ESTO предлагает легкое финансирование - без уловок. В THIS there are no hidden interest and payments. Рассрочка THIS this is the only thing you pay for.

Использовать ESTO во время оформления платежа это - просто, удобно и быстро. You will be able to buy a car, you will be able to use it and you will be able to buy it. In order to use the ID card, you will be able to use the ID-Mobile ID.

For the purposes of this Regulation, the total budget shall be 60 years.

The use of this product is prohibited А

Ссе граждане Эстонской Республики в возрасте от 18 до 70 лет могут подать заявку на рассрочку ESTO.



  • Interest 11.90%
  • Заключение контракта 0 евро
  • Period up to 4 years


Каждое финансовое решение связано с рисками и обязательствами. ESTO AS требует тщательного рассмотрения необходимости потребления кредитных продуктов. Например, для кредита в размере 2049 евро на 12 месяцев с фиксированной процентной ставкой в ​​размере 14.90% от первоначальной суммы в год, с контрактной платой в размере 14.90 евро, составляет стоимость кредита 34.74%, 146.37 ежемесячный платеж в размере евро. Ознакомьтесь с условиями на сайте  или проконсутируйтесь с кекпертом.